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Today I decided to write quickly about another situation we can all find ourselves in: buying a home. Before you buy, get your pre-approval, and determine the mortgage. Accept the pre-approvals that results in the mortgage you can afford, and then STICK TO IT!

Biggest issue, especially now with bidding wars making a comeback, is to feel pressured, (or not feeling pressured butg into the idea of bidding) and thus raising your offer, which will in turn raise your mortgage payment and go over budget. If it is meant to be, it will be. Twisting yourself in a financial knot that will eventually cause great stress is not worth it; nothing is worth that.

And believe me, it is HARD, no doubt. I am in this very situation. But the reason budgets exist is to keep us and our businesses on track. And if you need help, call your friendly accountant, call me. We can discuss the issues and get to a comfortable place for your financially.

Nobody wants their over budget dream home to end up in foreclosure.


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Today I decided to start my awareness campaign to get you, the taxpayer informed on changes that affect your ability to deduct certain costs. 

Today we will focus on the standard mileage deduction. Last year the standard mileage rate was $0.575 cents per mile. This year it is $0.540 cents per mile. That 3.5 drop in cents can amount to $35 per 1,000 miles. 

Given business commutes are usually anywhere from 10,000 - 25,000, this adds up. 

The following applications for smart phones makes it easy-peasy to contact your elected representatives and call, or send email - they do everything except talk for you - and it's quicker than waiting in line for coffee! 


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Lessons Learned

A Nice Thought For The Day :)

Because of my due #diligence, late last night when nearing the corporate extension deadline, I saved a client $5000 in taxes. She had deposited from personal account in to business and put to sales, instead of shareholders.

So when she came in, instead of my just accepting the total  income as correct - it seemed off in relation to expenses. I  suggested we go through her records. We found a lot of money that was not sales. It was her money she put into the business.

Glad I care enough about clients to take the time and get it right! Usually when a client transfers money from one account to another  from the same bank it will post as a transfer activity on the bank statement.

But in this case she deposited from her personal savings  from a different bank. Despite being very busy with the impending deadline, I did the right thing and helped her out instead of just accepting what was in her books, and I'm glad i did!

As well, the lesson learned is to make sure you, the business  owner, properly notate when you are putting your own money into the business. Nobody wants to pay taxes on deposits that are not from business sales.

Small Business in America - Posting form Facebook

Supporting Local Small Businesses

This sign is so true, that I figured it deserved a share form our blog. We cater to small businesses - whether individually owned, non-profits or companies.

In fact, we are also a small  business ourselves, and enjoy helping others with all their business needs and taxes, and we love it. When I left corporate America to open my business five years ago, I didn't know whether or not I was making the right decision. And after just celebrating our 5th anniversary as Brown & Brown Accounting, I know I did.

We're the other 98%, and we are the backbone of America!
Let's keep it going, thank you!

Enjoy this share:

Sore Neck & Body Relief While Working at Your Desk

Great Exercises You Can Do At Your Desk to Relieve Muscle Aches

Hello, and welcome to our Blog!

I thought for the first blog, what better topic to address than the soreness and stiffness we experience while working at our desks all day.

I found some great exercises on YouYube and want to share them with you. 

Simple neck and back stretches - these videos really target the neck and shoulders, and back areas, and are easy to do often - especially after a long web conference or phone call...and most may be done in your chair!

All the videos are done so you can follow along with it and stretch accordingly.

Please check with your doctor first if you are unsure whether or not these are stretches
you can do. We are not a doctor site nor guarantee non-injury - but do not be scared lol! That is just my legal jargon so you know I am not a doctor but a lovely accountant wanting to stretch at work and share these great videos with everyone.

With that being said, enjoy! Let me know what you think. Here are some
great videos: 

  • Simple Exercises at Your Desk - COPY/PASTE IN YOUR BROWSER (approx 3.5 mins)
I love this one for a quick fix while working, especially after a long
phone conversation or webinar.

  • Yoga at Your Desk (approx 5.5 mins)
A nice simple, quick workout at the desk.

  • Another, more descriptive Yoga at Your Desk - I like this one a lot! (approx 7 mins)

We will be bringing a lot of topics to this blog, some for ergonomics  at the workplace, and other stress relievers, funny stories related to work, and good business tips - such as the next blog which will review saving business receipts for the books and your tax return.

Happy Spring!

Hello world!

Welcome to your blog. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

Welcome to our blog! We are just getting it started and it will be a place to read interesting articles and find tools and tips in helping you run your business. Thank you!