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Brown & Brown Accounting Offers Tax Return Preparation & Tax Planning Services for Personal, Business, and Non-Profit Organizations.

When it comes to tax return preparation, including prior year's amended tax returns, we have you covered. Lisa Brown has a Bachelors of Science in Accounting from the University of Massachusetts' Charlton College of Business, as well as more than 33 years experience. 

All staff are officially registered with the IRS and maintain current PTIN credentials. 

We also offer tax return services for amended tax returns, estimated tax payments, and tax planning. As well, Brown & Brown Accounting can provide direction and assist you in regards to notices received from federal and state taxing authorities.

BBA also works extensively with lawyers in regard to bankruptcy and divorce proceedings.

Brown & Brown Accounting also offers Cloud (Online) Tax preparation, Tax Planning, Estimated Tax Payments, and Amended Tax Return services.

Tax Return Preparation Services We Offer in Addition to Tax Planning Services:

Client Base:
  • Individuals including students
  • Married couples - filing joint or separate returns
  • Small - medium businesses (SMBs)
    • LLC company returns 
    • Partnerships 
    • S-Corporation returns
    • C-Corporation returns
    • Non-profit 990PF returns

  • 1040, 1040A, 1040EZ, 
  • 1065, 
  • 1120, 1120-S 
  • 990, 990PF, 
  • All schedules including schedule C
  • Multi-state returns

General Services:
  • E-Filing
  • Client write-up
  • Year end payroll reconciliation & W2, 1099 filing