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The Questions Below Can Help You Evaluate Your Business. Call  Today for Your 

Free Comprehensive, In-PersoConsultation and We Can Review These Together.


  • Does your business run smoothly? Are you competitive in the marketplace? Are your goals being realized? Do you think you are too small for an accountant? Or that your business operations are too simple to need one? Think it will cost a lot?


  • How's your bookkeeping? Who is doing your billing? Are discounts being taken when offered by your vendors? Are customers paying on time? Do your balances make sense? Are the books reconciled accurately? Banking to statements? Do you feel confident in your current system?


  • Do you know what your profits are at any given time? Expenses & budgets? Money owed to you - money you owe? 

  • Do you have a bookkeeper but need that personal accountant for monthly reporting and day-to-day availability in answering questions and aid in business management & planning throughout the year? Want somebody that picks up the phone and returns calls, with weekend hours?

  • Do you feel that your record keeping system lacks efficiency? Do you feel bogged down and drained of energy by mounds of paperwork that keep you from being more productive and spending more time earning income?


  • Is the bookkeeping and related accounting software programs being utilized to the best of  their capabilities? Want a couple of lessons?
  • Do you have concerns about checks and balances in place at key intervals in the daily routine in order to ward off not only fraud activities but to also reduce clerical error in the accounting, administrative and production branches of your business?
  • How's your workflow in production - whether it be for services you provide or goods manufactured? Are your jobs within budget? Are your job sites being accurately recorded and tracked? Are the reports currently being generated easy to read - especially when it comes to tracking profits?
  • How does your online business operate? Is it easy to track goods and reconcile your online services such as Paypal, shopping carts, eBay, etc. to your accounting system? To bank statements? To inventory?

  • Does filing your own taxes truly get you the optimal results? Is it stressful? Think having your federal and state (or states) tax returns professionally prepared is expensive? Wonder if the cost of a trained professional current on information would be worth it? How about some tax planning through-out the year as opposed to just when filing taxes after the year has ended?

  • How is payroll being processed? Think you can't offer conveniences like direct deposit, online employee time-keeping and access to their W2 / 1099 information without it costing a lot? Worry about making payroll tax requirements & reporting on time?

  • Are all the correct employment documents completed and in good order for all of your W2 employees and 1099 independent/subcontractors? Want to enroll in pay-as-you-go Worker's Comp and avoid the usual large deposit required and related paperwork?