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Outsource Your Bookkeeping with Brown & Brown Accounting

The big dilemma for individual, small-to-midsize businesses (SMB), or Non-Profit Organizations is needing the help a larger corporation may house within its organization such as payroll, accounting, and tax return preparation, yet not such a grand scale nor on a full-time basis.

Outsourcing for an accountant, bookkeeper or related services frees up your schedule. It allows you to focus on what's important to you which is being able to provide services and goods to your customers, while at the same time getting the bookkeeping support you need to run your company. 

Our accountant will ensure that your books will be kept in order by our bookkeeper and the data will be accurate, and company reports will be generated - including customized reports for your business use. We will review the data on a timely basis, reconcile all accounts, and close the books for that period - same with year-end processing. Additionally we offer tax return preparation, and complete payroll services - including multi-state payroll and reporting, taxes paid & year end reports and W2, 1099s issued.

Gain peace of mind. Let Brown & Brown Accounting provide you an accountant and bookkeeper who perform quality bookkeeping, payroll and other accounting services such as tax return preparation (for both personal and business returns), tax planning, budgeting, and business strategies.