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Outsourcing Your Accountant

The hours you spend being your own accountant means lost business opportunities - especially when you look at the cost of an hour's worth of income you generated versus the cost of an hour retaining the services of a reliable accountant you can trust. We are also expert at clearing out those stressful mounds of paperwork. Call Lisa today and set up an appointment for a free in-office consultation. 

New Business?

We provide new company start up services (including non-profits) such as determining the entity classification that fits your needs, obtaining your tax ID number, and IRS & state filing requirements. As well, we will set up the books and related procedures, including manuals and training. Let us grow with you, assisting where needed so you are on top of your game. With us, you have a good team giving you the support you need, when you need it.

Need a Business Tune-Up?

We will analyze your current systems & work flows. We focus on streamlining procedures to promote efficiency and to reduce redundancy. Additionally, we can sit down with you and review tax planning issues and answer questions you have. Wondering about your budget, inventory, and other areas of your business? Let's review it together. Paying attention to your bottom line is crucial to your success. 

We File and Prepare All Tax Return Forms Required for Business and Personal Tax Returns

We also prepare and file amended tax returns and process extensions for both federal and state agencies.

A listing of returns we process include the following: all 1040 versions; all corporate versions - S and C (and K1's); all non-profit versions - 990PF & 990-T as well; 1065 partnership (and K1's); all additional schedules such as Schedule C for sole proprietor or single-owner LLC, and schedule E for rental properties; estate returns 1041, 706.